Saturday, October 18, 2008


Our engagement pictures are posted at Sarah Rhodes blogspot. We love them and she is amazing. We had tons on fun during our engagement session. I learned that Neal can not be tickeled and he never learned how to skip?! I thought everyone could skip, must be a boy think...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

why the blog

Neal and I were recently engaged and are excited to be starting our life together as the Vickers. In honor to that and because I like this better than all the wedding websites I started a blog =) which can continue on after the wedding. Plus that's when the babies come and you get to see cute baby pictures, but for now it's just us and two kitties who are pretty adorable ~ right now they are wrestling with each other and playing! (the kitties not us!)

sex and the city

my very first blog, i feel so sex and the city! girls night and we are creating blogs...we never thought we would be blogging 10 years ago when we graduated high school! I know it's been 10 years already. Shoot!